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Cover reveal! My new wolf shifter series is beginning…

April 1, 2018


Available for preorder now

She wanted a wolf…

…and she found a man.

Once upon a time, Elena Pavlova was a ballerina. Now she is a fugitive, looking for the great black wolf who can save her from the witchblood prince who haunts her dreams. The cursed shifter Ivan Romanov knows he is no longer the hero Elena needs, but he cannot say no to this graceful warrior, the beautiful woman who may well be his destined mate.


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Oh how I love it…the Harlequin Art Dept. brings Brimstone Prince to life!

Brimstone Prince Cover Screen Shot 2


M&B Brimstone Prince

Have just sold my first Young Adult to Entangled Teen! More news coming soon…



…but you can always get a sneak peek on Pinterest. Shhhhhh Pinterest logo



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Coming soon Book Three in my Brimstone Series from Harlequin Nocturne!


BP blurb


It’s so nice to be included with Kelli Ireland in this print set that will be available later this year…




I have a shiny new author page on Facebook. I hope you’ll like it! red_Facebook_Icon-01-150x150 (2)

Cover coming soon

Available for PreOrder now!




A great four star review for Brimstone Bride is featured on Readaholics Anonymous blog.


Brimstone Bride is now available…and watch for the third book in this Harlequin Nocturne series, Brimstone Prince Coming Soon!







Stranger, Seductress or His Salvation?

One hundred years ago, Adam Turov, master of Nightingale Vineyards, bartered his soul for freedom from the Order of Samuel and their Rogue daemon allies. But he didn’t know true damnation until Victoria D’Arcy crossed the billionaire vintner’s threshold… Sworn to protect her, Adam must resist with every fiber of his being a voice that sounds like an angel singing and her potent charm.

An unwilling pawn of the Order, Victoria must betray Adam to save her young son. Yet the more time she spends at his estate on her clandestine mission, the harder it becomes to deny the Brimstone heat scorching a path of desire between them…




So happy to hold this book in my hands! The Harlequin Art Dept. did a fabulous job with Victoria’s cover. She would approve. Many thanks to the artists who brought her into living color.





I’m finally able to share some fantastic news…I’ve recently signed a new 3 book Harlequin contract!  

My Nocturne Brimstone series will be continuing with BRIMSTONE PRINCE (release date to be announced).

I’ve also signed to begin a new series, LEGENDARY SHIFTERS.

Special thanks to my agent, Lucienne Diver at The Knight Agency and my Harlequin editor, Kayla King. Also Denise Zaza and Ann Leslie Tuttle. Writing gothic paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne is a dream come true.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to write Michael D’Arcy Turov’s story. (Hint: The daemon king is a determined and devilish matchmaker! )

And I can’t wait to begin a new passionate paranormal adventure with Russian wolf shifters.


Harlequin Nocturne has included my books in several Special Releases with other Nocturne authors! These 2 for 1 deals are a great way to enjoy our passionate paranormal series…




Cover reveal!


Brimstone Bride, the second book in my Harlequin Nocturne Brimstone series, coming in February 2017.

 Spotted in the wild! Thrilled to be included in a special release with my friend, Jane Godman.


Love this Mills & Boon cover for the UK edition of Brimstone Seduction…




This lovely delivery came today.

My first Harlequin Nocturne, Brimstone Seduction, is available for PreOrder now!


I’m happy to announce news about a two book Harlequin Nocturne deal!  I can’t wait to share them with you.


There’s only one name left between him and redemption…

John Severne’s blood is Brimstone-tainted. The burn in his veins is a constant reminder that his grandfather signed away his soul. He’s bound to a scroll filled with the names of the damned and he’s become hardened and honed by the hellish task of marking them off, one by one.

But it’s a taste of heaven that threatens to bind him to hell on earth.

Katherine D’Arcy’s grandmother was saved by a dying monk whose blessed last breaths bequeathed an affinity to daemons to her offspring. Drawn to the damned by an inexorable pull, Kat has been the reluctant bloodhound for an obsessed daemon hunter since she could crawl…and she’s ready to be free.

Severne needs Kat to lead him to the last name on the blackest of blacklists. Katherine has no idea that the “daemon” that seems like a seductive escape is actually a more driven daemon hunter than the old obsessed monk she’s always feared.

In BRIMSTONE SEDUCTION, hunger for their hearts’ desire will change what they’ve always longed for as a blessed woman and a damned man find salvation in the music they make together while a discordant world tries to tear them apart.

And now you can get a behind the scenes glimpse  Pinterest board 

Special thanks to my wonderful agent, Lucienne Diver and fabulous editors, Denise Zaza & Ann Leslie Tuttle. Also to the Sirens & Scribes. Because they rock.

“Harlequin Nocturne stories delve into dark, sensuous and often dangerous territory, where the normal and paranormal collide.”

Click here to try my Harlequin free read LOST IN ME 

The Knight Agency

cropped-wpid-wp-1407066105052^^^^Click to visit Elder Park Book Reviews for some thoughts on Shivers and many other great reads.




I’ve posted excerpts from my most recent releases on my Goodreads blog. If you like sneak peeks, be sure to check it out!



I’ve been featured with a review and interview on Gothic Romance Reviews…


GR banner

A lovely new cover for an upcoming release…

The Girl in Blue

The unexplained is commonplace and everyone fears the dark in

Barbara J. Hancock’s SCARLET FALLS.

A secluded hamlet ablaze in autumn splendor, Scarlet Falls is seemingly an idyllic manifestation of the New England countryside…  But Trinity Chadwick knows better.  The town is undeniably beautiful, but haunted to its very core.  For Trinity there has been no escape from the specter of the girl in the blue dress.  Her laughter still rides on the mist of the town’s eerie lake. And tragedy always follows in its wake.

Constant vigilance against malevolent forces have worn Trinity down driving her back to the last place on earth she ever expected to step foot again.  Hillhaven—her childhood home.  Only to encounter Samuel Creed.  The last man she ever expected to confront.  A long-ago kiss of life kindled an obsession at once sensual and macabre.  Trinity is tortured by the memory of her warm lips against his cold ones as she saved him. Or was he forever damned, after all?  Trinity finds Creed is as tempting as ever, a man she can neither forget nor entirely trust.

A Shivers novella…


Secrets beckon where ghosts walk.

Angelica Peters has accepted an unexpected invitation to Allen House, the Long Island mansion she would’ve inherited but for a mysterious estrangement. Since her parents’ fatal accident, she’s casting about for a safe harbor, a connection, a family.

Angelica is uneasy about finally meeting Victoria Allen, the maternal grandmother she’s been forbidden to see all her life. She hardly expects the warm reception she receives—from most of the household. But Owen Ward, who grew up at Allen House and has long been Victoria’s heir, is keeping his distance. Maybe he doesn’t trust Angelica’s motives…or maybe he doesn’t trust himself to be near her. Their attraction is elemental, excruciating, exquisite.

But thoughts of passion in Owen’s arms become tangled with fear when a ghost haunts Angelica’s every move.  Is the specter an echo of the past…or a whisperer of black deeds yet to come?


The debut Harlequin Shivers authors are featured on the Harlequin Blog –Jenna Ryan, Dawn Brown, Jane Godman and myself–We’re talking about what Gothic means to us. Stop by and share…do you like Gothic romance? What is your favorite gothic tale or author?








Excerpt from Lost in Me, my first Harlequin Shivers…

“La Croix,” I said, softly. The name was both strange and beguiling with vague familiarity on my tongue.

“Yes,” he replied. “She took her mother’s name.” He looked at me with that expectant pause I’d learned to dread. The one that seemed to wait for me to suddenly blink and remember everything. The one that said he knew more than I knew about my past, but it was too heavy with shadows to share. The weight of all I didn’t know behind his hooded eyes was almost more than I could bear.

“Will I have a place to paint?” I asked, desperate to regain my equilibrium.

“Always,” La Croix said. Now there was impatience in his clipped tones and maybe disappointment. It didn’t seem leveled at me, but rather the world around us as if he’d like to grab it and shake it into place with his bare fisted hands. The uncomfortable moment passed, but another followed it. My “always” consists of the three hundred and sixty five days I can remember. All else is as if it never was. I had to have known Jonathan La Croix. He held the evidence of that hidden in tight rolls of canvas in the trunk in his hands. What had he been to me and why was his name the one name I’d allowed myself to know in a year?

“Come with me,” La Croix said. He carried the trunk filled with imperfect portraits up the stairs and I followed. The white of his knuckles stood out on his fingers as he held the trunk’s handles tighter than necessary. But I also noticed the way his black shirt stretched across his shoulders and the way his broad back narrowed to a nipped athletic waist. Not because I’m an artist. Something else in me had wakened. A sleeping woman who now yawned and sat up to note the way La Croix’s powerful legs took the stairs. He was very tall, topping me by at least a foot. I had to rush to keep up with him though his stride was steady and slow.

I tried not to stare, but I failed.

The song in my blood had changed to, “Here he is. Here he is.” But when he turned to make sure I followed him down the long dark upstairs hall, there were shadows in his eyes I was no longer sure I should have been driven to find.

The full story is available for free as an Online Read on      



 Goodreads is a great place to organize and rate the books you read. I’d love to be on your shelves! 




Do you like to read on your phone? My books are available through iTunes. An easy and convenient way to take books with you wherever you go! 















I’ve been keeping the lid on an exciting secret….I’ve been asked to be an author mentor to a Top Ten Finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest. The contest has narrowed hundreds of entries down to the final Top Ten. One of the finalists is Jen Christie’s HOUSE OF GLASS. It’s a fabulous, atmospheric gothic romance targeting Harlequin Shivers!

Denise ZaZa, Jen’s editor mentor, and I will be cheering her on as readers vote for their favorite finalist. I hope you’ll check out HOUSE OF GLASS and click on the red button to vote:

Lucas St. Claire is a man haunted by memories of the night his wife disappeared. He is reckless and wild, but when he meets Reyna, a woman who finally understands him, a spark of hope blazes to life within him.

Reyna has always idolized Lucas St. Claire and the life he leads. Falling in love with him promises her everything she’s always dreamed of having. But, an approaching hurricane and the unsolved disappearance of his first wife threaten everything she has come to hope for.

To read and vote for HOUSE OF GLASS click HERE


Here’s a Sneak Peek at my first Harlequin e Shivers coming in January 2014 as part of a special introductory box set! Releasing individually in April 2014…





My first FREE Harlequin Online Read is published today! A new portion will be up each week until December 2nd. This is a great way to try the New Gothic Harlequin e Shivers line before the big launch in January…I’d love to chat with you as the story progresses. Be sure to drop a line in the comments following the story on the Harlequin website and let me know what you think!







Released from hospital into the care of the man whose eyes have haunted her for a year, a troubled artist returns to Belle Aimée. The antebellum New Orleans mansion is the site of a tragedy Chloe’s mind will not disclose. It’s also home to an unseen presence that traces her steps, visits her studio and lingers near her bedroom.

Waking and sleeping, Chloe grasps at scraps of memory that flutter about her, alighting eventually on her countless canvases. Only under the stormy eyes—and electrifying touch—of Jonathan La Croix does Chloe begin to remember what they once were to each other. What they could be again. Such a man cannot be forgotten forever….


I’ve recently joined Pinterest and I’m having a great time pinning all the inspirational things that feed my muse while I’m writing. I’ve created Boards for all my upcoming Harlequin e Shivers gothic romances. Ever wondered which song I’ve picked to soundtrack a certain story? Or exactly how I picture a hero or heroine in my mind? Come and check out my boards and get a peek behind the scenes of my creative process!





* Upcoming Release Date: LOST IN ME will be available exclusively on beginning October 14th, 2013 as a free online read. This will be a great way to try the new modern gothic line, e Shivers, coming soon from Harlequin Digital First.




8/2013 To celebrate finishing the online read which will be available this fall, I’ve written about evocative settings.  Click on the blog tab to read about how a setting isn’t where a story takes place, but part of the story itself. “It whispers, and the reader should feel its breath on the back of their neck…on their lips…on their skin.”


8/2013 Check out my  blog about atmosphere and objects and how vital they are to making short stories and novellas resonate with readers. Less can still be more…

7/2013 My Harlequin Shivers editor has asked me to write a free online read for this fall! It will be released in installments on the eHarlequin website so that readers can get a taste of the Shivers line. I have in mind a steamy and haunting reunion story with a poignant twist set in the atmospheric Garden District of New Orleans.

6/2013  I’ve added a blog feature to this website. I hope you’ll click on the tab above and read my latest post about why I love writing modern gothic romance.



5/2013 I’m pleased to share that my second Harlequin Shivers has been acquired and my editor wants to see a series! I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be sharing covers and release dates as soon as they’re confirmed. For me, these lush gothic romances are the perfect place to play. 



1/2013 What’s better than an acquisitions call? An acquisitions call that comes on your birthday!;> I’ve just learned that I’m going to be a Harlequin Shivers author. So looking forward to these new gothic stories edited by Denise Zaza, Senior Editor for Harlequin Intrigue. 

“Harlequin Shivers (the new gothic)

Harlequin Shivers is looking for moody, atmospheric, lush gothic-inspired stories. We are updating the pulp gothic as a rich romance with dark, sexy, mysterious heroes and anti-heroes and sensible heroines beguiled by male magnetism and allure against all better judgment. The focus is on the building sensual tension and the sumptuous and scary surroundings that this chilling type of story elicits in the reader. Shivers are exactly what the reader will feel both from the mystery suspense and the carnal romance. We think the perfect Shivers story is 30,000-50,000 words, but we are open to both shorter and longer stories. Whether your story is contemporary, historical or horror we want to be frightened and seduced!

  • High sensuality
  • Comparative Authors: Amanda Stevens
  • Movie Examples: The Others, True Blood”

Don’t these sound exciting?~Barbara


Love this cover even more now that I’ve held it in my hands…



Silent Surrender from Harlequin Spice Briefs is now available as an audio book!  Click on the Audible link below to check it out…



I love those sparkling waves in the background…


*Ghost in the Machine is now a Dear Author Recommended Read.  You can read the review here:



As the daughter of an alcoholic, Barbara learned at a young age to turn to fictional worlds for escape. She has a special affinity for characters who live in the shadows but refuse to be defined by the darkness that surrounds them.  Barbara loves exploring deep emotions, bringing impossible happily ever afters to life on the page…and Glacier Mint ice cream.


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